March 5, 2018

how to be slim ?

Assalamualaikum. and hi.. this evening i skipped my workout. i didnt went to jog. why? lazy for sure. i think bcoz im too fat now. my body not fit at all even just to stand up, took me about 5 minutes just to think of it. and now im still craving for kuey teow goreng mamak at my cafe. haishhh how can ibe slim if i keep being hungry like this??? somebody please appear in my life and warn me, mad at me, guide me to hold my self from eating all the time. or at least stop thinking bout food !hmm i gained loads of weight. more than 10kgs .oh im shook ! whenever i stressed, i need something to eat. no matter what the food is. as long i satisfied, its more than enough... should i buy my dinner tonight ?? but i need to diet however im not ready for it yet ! hmm i dunno lahh.. why i have to struggle so much just to be thin? nahhh im tired.. i already stressed right now. bye

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