March 24, 2018

Detox time ?

assalamualaikum and hi...

the titles seems familiar right with me ? yeayy exactly its because to lose fat! well its been my 3 days of detox today. so far so good but maybe its just an early stage that i always felt so hungry. whatttttt???? but sokay lets wait until i reached my 7days.and today, i start boiled my egg again. so, thats all for today i guess. i need to continue my review about some issue related to discrimination. i haveeeee to submit 2 reports by this wednesday before im going to my short vacay in langkawi. okay bye .

March 5, 2018

how to be slim ?

Assalamualaikum. and hi.. this evening i skipped my workout. i didnt went to jog. why? lazy for sure. i think bcoz im too fat now. my body not fit at all even just to stand up, took me about 5 minutes just to think of it. and now im still craving for kuey teow goreng mamak at my cafe. haishhh how can ibe slim if i keep being hungry like this??? somebody please appear in my life and warn me, mad at me, guide me to hold my self from eating all the time. or at least stop thinking bout food !hmm i gained loads of weight. more than 10kgs .oh im shook ! whenever i stressed, i need something to eat. no matter what the food is. as long i satisfied, its more than enough... should i buy my dinner tonight ?? but i need to diet however im not ready for it yet ! hmm i dunno lahh.. why i have to struggle so much just to be thin? nahhh im tired.. i already stressed right now. bye

March 3, 2018

its been a while..

omaigod i dont know how to express this feeling, its been soooo many years since i updated my blog. currently its 2018 and my last post was on 2013 i bet. actually i just try and error resetting my password of this blog . and ohh! finally i did it. i still blur and n0t used to it. since longgg longg time ago i didnt sahre my thought my day and my life in anywhere. it souly in my heart. its quite distressing. i will try to keep updating my diary in this Toink's Life. i missed it a lot. for sure, i just try to keep my blog sweet and simple bcoz i already forgot how to edit it and lose all the link to add in the widgets.

guess what ! im 22 years old and currently studying in UUM Kedah. i have 2 nieces and 1 nephew. i love them so do they. hahaha my mom got married for the 3rd time. i hope she's been well with her new life partner. my sister amy still currently taking medic in ukm and gonna graduate soo, along and k.fiey as usual working in kl. and not forget k.tiq also work in kl. oh almost not to mention my daddy. he is getting old and retired already. he's doing good (maybe) with his new family. we all doing good ! :) 

my student life? interesting yet challenging. im in senior year which is my 3rd yeard already. gonna graduate next year (2019) around October. ive been thru ups and down. i struggled i cried i smiled. i changed my roommate after been together about 2 years. (been together means friendship okayyyy). i still have many kind friends. dont worry. im doing so damn good with positive pple. my new roommate also good. i just begin my 6th semester. tomorrow gonna be my 3rd week of this semester. urgh more stressful when thinking bout assignment. all of the assignment just stressed me out, hmmmmmmmmmmmm gonna passed out later.

my diet ?? wowwwwwwww i didnt expected that i still gonna talked bout this after so manyyyyyy years. what to do im still obese. i lose weight then i gained it back. seems like we can never be apart. blablabla. i still struggling to achieve my last weight which was 67kg. impressive right! its was 2016. haishhhhhh am i able to be at that stage again? pray for me.

my love??? hahaha we have been together since my primary school when i was form 4 (2012). 6 years and still counting. hope he's the one for me and i wish to not be sick towards each others.

my bff? still aye and always be her. still remember aye? syafini awanis. awanosssss. shes studying in russia right now ..she gonna be a doctor soon ! we keep in touch once in a while since we cant afford to meet frequentlya and busy with our studies.

what else??? still blur and from now on, i will keep updating my daily life in my next next next next post ! chill ,xoxo :D

July 4, 2013

im back

                                                    assalamulaikum dan salam sejahtera

dind ding back after several weeks,a couple months maybe..ergh,ckap melayu jee
dah lame tk prctice nk speaking ni mcm dh trbelit2 plak,1st of all nk check blog upidate nothing to think about..
byk bnda yg tlh blaku:

  • prubahan dlm khidupan aku dri lower rajin to critical malas..sgt2 m'bmbangkan
  • my sister,k.fiey got engaged with her beloved fiance bro yah ler..
  • my dad gonna get married tomorrow..hihihi 
  • Ramadhan will arrive soon ,this coming wednesday :)
  • someone broke my heart..let bygone be bygone..uuu
  • admiring someone ,my classmate..honestly 

May 26, 2013

after several month

                                                            assalamulaikum dan salam sejahtera

selamat petang semua..
slepas bbrapa blan lmanya aku tk update blog ni rase rindu plak hri ni bukak..
bkan ape,thun ni aku spm lgpun sblum aku tkde laptop..wifi pun tkde..
NOW,dah ade laptop present by along sbb aku dpt score 6a's dlm first pkbs Alhamdulillah :)

sekarang ...
aku tgh brusaha nk struggle utk spm blan 11 nnti..perasaan skarang ni still malas dan kurang rasa dbarannya..
TAPI..perasaan tkut tu mmg ade...especially time ade someone yg remind aku tntang exam n my future life soon..mmg exactly now,aku kna start bt preparation utk score the best in exam..

SEDIH..hmm,my BB currently repair sbb dah byk kali rosak a.k.a mampos ..
pdhal bru je beli tp mmg suka je rosak..btul2 mmbebankan.maybe cara aku guna tu yg tk normal mcm org lain,aku dah repair gna warranty and i have to wait for 2 month+++
skrang tkde msalah sgt pun tkde fon..okay je cuma tdak lg b'kesempatan nk amik gmba la..
hopefully,smpat braya dgn my BB..

That s all for now..soon,In shaa allah,aku update next news :D

December 10, 2012

back to hometown

assalamulaikum dan salam sejahtera

nampaknya hari ni hari last aku kat KL..
malam ni aku akn bertolak ke KB seorang diri..
kalau nak ikutkan hati aku yg tulus mulus ni,aku mmg nk stay kl lg tp dsbbkan skolah da nak buka,
poket pun da kering dan rimas dgn segala hal yg mlanda di sini mmg btul2 bt aku tknak dtg sini lg kot..
tp kalau pkir2,aku rindu jgk dkat KB..rindu dkat ma,ayah,k.tiq czen.kwn2 n smualah yg ade kt kb..
mmg excited sgtkan nak balik rumah sndri dan skaligus khidupan aku sbgai seorang pelajar akn bermula..
sekolah da nak buka so aku kna siapkan homework yg trbengkalai cpat2 lah..
biloa duk kl,duk pkir enjoy je tp kdg2 ade gak rimas dgn sikap tarik tali ttttt..
bla duk kb plak,mesti rimas dgn kerenah org tu dan org ni..mana nak bergilir rumah ..adooooiii
kat mana2 pun msti aku ni ibarat main tarik tali ...

biar je lah ..biarkan masa mnntukan sgalanya..

December 7, 2012


assalamulaikum dan salam sejahtera
now im crying..i miss my hometown,i miss my mom,i miss my stinky pillow,i miss my friends,i miss all in Kb..
suddenly,i was thinking that i've been so cruel to along because i did not treat her nicely..
when i stayed at k.fiey's house for the third time,she like dont want me to stay here because she just thinking that i am a burden to her and i definitely will make her in trouble ..
i wish i can go home as soon as possible..
i dont want to feel this nightmare anymore.i just want to continue my normal life ..
i dont want to make pple feel bad about me and dont want pple to think that im a burden..
hopefully,my mom n my sister,k.tiq will smile when im home,KB..
hopefully everything will get btter than  before..

im sorry for letting along and k.fiey have to take care of just hoping that u both are think that im ur sister.. 

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