December 7, 2012


assalamulaikum dan salam sejahtera
now im crying..i miss my hometown,i miss my mom,i miss my stinky pillow,i miss my friends,i miss all in Kb..
suddenly,i was thinking that i've been so cruel to along because i did not treat her nicely..
when i stayed at k.fiey's house for the third time,she like dont want me to stay here because she just thinking that i am a burden to her and i definitely will make her in trouble ..
i wish i can go home as soon as possible..
i dont want to feel this nightmare anymore.i just want to continue my normal life ..
i dont want to make pple feel bad about me and dont want pple to think that im a burden..
hopefully,my mom n my sister,k.tiq will smile when im home,KB..
hopefully everything will get btter than  before..

im sorry for letting along and k.fiey have to take care of just hoping that u both are think that im ur sister.. 

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