July 4, 2013

im back

                                                    assalamulaikum dan salam sejahtera

dind ding dong..im back after several weeks,a couple months maybe..ergh,ckap melayu jee
dah lame tk prctice nk speaking ni mcm dh trbelit2 plak lidah..so,1st of all nk check blog upidate ..so nothing to think about..
byk bnda yg tlh blaku:

  • prubahan dlm khidupan aku dri lower rajin to critical malas..sgt2 m'bmbangkan
  • my sister,k.fiey got engaged with her beloved fiance bro yah ler..
  • my dad gonna get married tomorrow..hihihi 
  • Ramadhan will arrive soon ,this coming wednesday :)
  • someone broke my heart..let bygone be bygone..uuu
  • admiring someone ,my classmate..honestly 

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